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The Georgia Wing website “members only” section is only for current members of the Georgia Wing.

To receive credentials, sign up by clicking here.  You will need to give us your name, email address, CAP ID (which will become your login) and a password.  It’s fast, simple and easy.

Please be patient– we will verify your information against your eServices record in order to confirm you are who you say you are.  We should be able to turn your request around in 2-24 hours, depending upon workload.  Usually our turnaround is VERY fast.

Internet security is not a game or a joke.  Willful violation of CAP internet policies and regulations will lead to the revocation of your Wing website credentials and under the most serious and willful violations could lead to dismissal and even criminal prosecution.

All members must use their issued credentials and may not “borrow” user name and logins from other users, which is a violation of Civil Air Patrol regulations.

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