Regulations Supplements

Georgia Wing has multiple documents supplementing Civil Air Patrol regulations as approved by National Headquarters. These documents are below.

Supplement NameAffected RegulationDate Updated 
Organization of Civil Air PatrolCAPR 20-101 August 2018
Fig. 7, Wing Headquarters Organizational ChartCAPR 20-101 August 2018
Awards of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and CertificatesCAPR 39-301 August 2018
CAP Aircraft Maintenance ManagementCAPR 66-101 August 2018
Operation and Maintenance of CAP VehiclesCAPR 77-110 December 2018
Shell Navigator Credit Card Program for Fleet VehiclesCAPR 77-101 August 2018
CAP Financial Procedures and AccountingCAPR 173-101 August 2018
CAP Uniform ManualCAPM 39-101 August 2018

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