Ready to join us? Or ready to pay us a visit at a local unit?  We’ve created this page to give you what you need to get started!

We have an excellent series of programs and professional development tracks that are designed to help you reach your full potential as a volunteer, through training, coaching, on-line and classroom education.  Ours is an award-winning national program for cadets and adults that continues to grow- because we care about you.

Our National Website has a host of information that’s updated constantly, and includes information for prospective cadet or adult members as well as information for pilots, parents, educators and clergy.  Membership applications and other valuable information is immediately available, and is a great first step. Click here!

New members join through a local squadron, all of whom are volunteers just like you — “Everyday Heroes, Every Day.”  Chances are there are squadrons close to where you live, made up of people just like you, who share a love of aviation and community service. Click here for a list of Georgia Squadrons.

In a Hurry?  Not finding what you need?

We are here to help!  We want and need new members, and we welcome your contacting us!

Contact the Georgia Wing, or email our Public Affairs Officer, 1st Lt Alysia English.

The Civil Air Patrol: “Everyday Heroes, Every Day.”

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