Press Inquiries

Office of Public Affairs- Georgia Wing

We welcome inquiries from the press, our emgerency services partner agencies and the public about our programs, our activities and our people.   We are tasked with three missions– emergency services (such as search and rescue, damage assessment photography, humanitarian aid); cadet programs; and aerospace education.  We are often asked to provide quotable background information for news stories, to speak to civic groups about aviation issues as well as provide timely and accurate information during searches or similar emergencies.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about our people, our programs and our “Missions to America.”

2d Lt Alysia W. English, Director of Public Affairs
Georgia Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Phone: (770) 428-9031
eFax: (770) 989-1040

Georgia Wing unit public affairs officers: Please visit the “members” section of this website for resources, files and planning tools under “Public Affairs.”

Media Resources:  Civil Air Patrol newsroom:

Legal Notice: This is a Department of Defense (DoD) website.  For confidentiality reasons we are required to protect sensitive information (such as crash site photos, incident locations, names, telephone numbers, cadet names) with a user name and password.  Based on confidentiality and the nature of some incidents, information will be provided to members of the press on a case-by-case basis only with the permission of the Incident Commander and/or the Georgia Wing Commander.  It is our intent to provide information freely, but information may be restricted the National Transportation Safety Board or other Federal, state or local agencies.

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