Inclement Weather

Inclement weather procedures

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather, and it is possible that your scheduled flight may be canceled due to weather.

We attempt to make a decision on weather before 6:00 AM on the day of the flight.  Check your email for cancelations.

When all else fails, and you need to call someone:

Tim Perry, (678) 823-1743 (cell), E-Mail:

Michael Wegner, (770) 519-9458 (cell), E-mail:

Bryan Holt, (678) 776-6792 (cell), E-mail:

Tom West, (678) 358-1700 (cell), E-mail:

If your flight is canceled, you will need to reschedule your flights. We will put you back on the schedule at the next available opportunity, but be sure to send the Flight Coordinator your request to reschedule, as they may or may not be aware that your flight was canceled.

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