Former CAP Members

Want to rejoin CAP?

Here are the details for returning to the Civil Air Patrol:


 Membership expired < 6 months ago  Membership expired < 2 years ago  Membership expired 2+ years ago
“Renew” your membership with CAP by using eServices or calling 1-877-227-9142. “Late Renew” and your records will show no break in service, and your previous grade will be re-instated. “Rejoin” through our squadron and by discussing with your Squadron Commander.  Your record will show a break in service.
Pay your $60 dues*.  You’ll be re-instated as if you never left. Pay your back dues* for the past two years, currently $60 per year, total $120. Submit a member application, fingerprint card and pay first year’s dues*.

* These are national dues and do not include your local squadron’s dues.


Civil Air Patrol’s National General Information Website

Civil Air Patrol eServices

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