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Phase 3 Remobilization

Georgia Wing advanced to Phase 3 on February 22nd, 2022.

The goal of Phase 3 is to resume normal operations. Click here to check your unit's current phase.

NOTE: Resuming overnight activities will not be done until most public health restrictions hav been lifted, schools and businesses hav reopened, and the forecasted risk is minimal.

In order to receive approval for Phase 3, Georgia Wing completed the following:

  • Verify current state-level guidance allows overnight events to resume.

  • Wing Commanders consult with staff officers to prepare for overnight activities:

    • Coordinate with Health Services:

      • Check state and local health guidance regarding gatherings.

      • Prepare to communicate with subordinate units on Health Services-related matters.

    • Consult with Legal Officer about resuming overnight activities.

    • Coordinate with Director of Safety.

      • Verify proper planning and mitigation tools are available to staff and units.

      • Prepare to communicate with subordinate units on Safety-related matters.

    • Coordinate with Director of Cadet Programs:

      • Prepare recommendations for units regarding overnight activities.

      • Prepare bullets for units to incorporate when sending messages to parents about the resumption of overnight activities.

  • Query commanders of subordinate units to verify that local governments do not have more restrictive social-distancing guidelines than those at the state level.

  • Communicate intentions to reinstate overnight activities to the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team and copy the Region Commander .

    • Describe previous coordination accomplished.

    • Verify no jurisdictional restrictions are in place from State or Local Governments.

    • Set date to resume overnight activities, this is the start of Phase III.

    • Receive approval from the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team to resume overnight activities. Plan for one-week lead time.

  • Publish the date that Phase III will begin to subordinate units.

  • Task Wing Director of Safety to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units should continue to use CAPFs 160, 160S, & 160HL to mitigate local risks.

    • Units continue to consider face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer, and an emphasis on hygiene during meetings and activities.

  • Task Wing Health Service Officer to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units may continue to consider screening with no-touch thermometers prior to entry to the meeting or will require members to take their temperature at home prior to attending the activity.

    • Educate members on the importance of monitoring their health and avoiding participation in activities if they are sick.

    • Continue to educate members on public health practices such as emphasizing hygiene, having face coverings & gloves available, social distancing for those at high-risk, and common surface cleaning.

  • Task Wing Director of Cadet Programs to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units plan to resume formations, drill, and other close-distance activities as appropriate.

    • Units draft a local message to parents to inform them about what CAP is doing to keep Cadets safe while they participate in the resumption of all manner of activities in Phase III (a return to normal post-COVID-19 operations).

  • Task Wing Director of Operations to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Identify flight operations permitted during Remobilization Phase III  (e.g. all CAP aviation duty for low-risk and high-risk members (if high-risk members are present, all must wear face covers), and adds in TOP flights and external orientation flights customers (AFROTC & AFJROTC) and potentially flight academies).

    • Identify requirements for Senior and Cadet members as required 

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