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Phase 2 Remobilization

Georgia Wing returned to Phase 2 on February 17th, 2022.

The goal of Phase 2 is to resume One-Day Special Activities. In February 2022, CAP's National Commander approved changes to the Phase 2 requirements following advice from the National COVID Team. Approved units may return to in-person meetings and single-day activities as long as groups contain 75 people or less indoors, and 150 people or less outdoors. Members must also maintain social distancing standards, wear cloth face coverings, and follow proper hygiene. Units meeting in person will ensure that routine cleaning and disinfection of the workspace has occurred prior to each meeting. A health check on any person(s) arriving at a meeting through questions and temperature checks. Temperatures in excess of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will prevent a member from entering the meeting. The Phase 2 plan has been updated to reflect the organizations new Phase 2 requirements. Click here to read the updated Phase 2 Remobilization Plan.

In order to receive approval for Phase 2, Georgia Wing will have to verify compliance with the following:

  • Wing Commanders should review their wing calendar for previously-postponed and upcoming day-only events.

    • Wing priorities for training events should be coordinated with unit commanders’ needs.

    • Task staff officers to provide input on list of events and priorities:

      • Aerospace Education

      • Cadet Programs

      • Emergency Services/Operations

      • Professional Development

      • Plans and Programs

  • Wing Commanders coordinate with subordinate unit leaders to deconflict calendar events to the greatest extent possible.

  • Publish updated event listings to the Wing calendar and promote these dates to the units for their planning and participation.

  • Task Activity Directors to specifically address COVID-19 concerns:
    NOTE: The term “Activity Directors” may include Incident Commanders that are directing exercises. Incident Commanders should use existing operational guidance for real-world missions and taskings. Use good judgement.

    • Activity Directors will use Post-COVID-19 Risk Management (RM) forms to mitigate local risks.

    • Activity Directors identify sources for face coverings, gloves, and sanitizer to use in case of a return to increased risk.

  • Task the Health Service Officer to coordinate with Activity Directors:

    • Health Services Officers should consider recommending screening with no-touch thermometers at events (coordinate with Activity Directors).

    • Health Services Officers remind members that identify as high-risk to remain home, but participate virtually.

    • Health Service Officers ensure that there is a cleaning/sanitizing plan for commonly touched surfaces, a hand washing plan, a face covering plan, a temperature check plan (either done prior to entering the activity with a no-touch thermometer or done at home prior to coming to the activity) and a social distancing plan.  

    • Gatherings of up to 50 people are permitted. Squadrons with more than 50 members must submit a plan to Wing HQ to demonstrate how they will comply with restrictions associated with this Phase of reopening.

  • Ensure Activity Directors have plans in place to communicate last-minute cancellations of events to participants.

  • Ensure Activity Directors have plans in place to conduct verification of local public health guidance, local weather, and any other information that may lead to event cancellation:

    • 45 Days Prior.

    • 14 Days Prior.

    • 7 Days Prior.

    • 1 Day Prior.

    • The Morning of the Event.

  • Ensure Unit Commanders are aware of and following the same procedures for unit-only single-day activities (i.e., they are the Activity Director for the purposes of this checklist, for unit events).

  • Communicate intentions to reinstate meetings to the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team and copy the Region Commander:

    • Briefly describe/summarize previous coordination accomplished.

    • Verify no jurisdictional restrictions are in place from State or Local Governments.

    • Set date to resume one-day special activities.

    • Receive approval from the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team to resume one-day special activities. Plan for one-week lead time.

  • Publish the date that one-day special activities will resume to subordinate units.

  • Task Wing Director of Operations to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Identify flight operations permitted during Remobilization Phase II (e.g. small-group local crew training, flight evaluations/check rides, crew proficiency, dual instruction and CAP cadet orientation flights (assuming all members are low-risk and all flights are in low-risk areas)).

    • Identify requirements (Currency, etc) for senior members.

    • Identify cadet training requirements that may be different than Phase I requirements.

    • Identify cleaning standards for aircraft and vehicles before and after use.

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