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Phase 1 Remobilization

The goal of Phase 1 is to resume regularly-scheduled meetings. Georgia Wing advanced to Phase 2 on February 17th, 2022.

Georgia Wing originally entered Phase 1 on September 3, 2020 at 6am EDT. Approved units may return to in-person meetings as long as groups contain 10 people or less. Members must also maintain social distancing standards, wear cloth face coverings, and follow proper hygiene. Units meeting in person will ensure that routine cleaning and disinfection of the workspace has occurred prior to each meeting. A health check on any person(s) arriving at a meeting through questions and temperature checks. Temperatures in excess of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will prevent a member from entering the meeting. Click here to read the full Phase 1 Remobilization Plan.

In order to enter this phase, Georgia Wing had to enact a stringent plan following these steps:

  • Verify that current state-level guidance allows gatherings.
    (NOTE: This is a broad look at the overall direction from state officials in the area impacted by this plan.)

  • Consult with staff officers to prepare to resume regularly scheduled meetings.

    • Coordinate with Health Services.

      • Check state and local health guidance regarding gatherings.
        (Note: This is a look at each jurisdiction impacted by this plan.)

      • Prepare to communicate with subordinate units on Health Services-related matters.

    • Consult with Wing Legal Officer about resuming meetings.

    • Coordinate with Wing Director of Safety.

      • Verify proper risk planning tools are available to units.

      • Prepare to communicate with subordinate units on Safety-related matters.

    • Coordinate with Wing Director of Cadet Programs.

      • Prepare recommendations for units regarding meeting activities and alternatives to maintain optimal distance while at meetings.

      • Prepare bullets for units to incorporate when sending messages to parents about the resumption of meetings.

  • Query commanders of subordinate units to verify that local governments do not have more restrictive social-distancing guidelines than those at the state level.

  • Communicate intentions to reinstate meetings to the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team and copy the Region Commander.

    • Briefly describe/summarize previous coordination accomplished.

    • Verify no jurisdictional restrictions are in place from State or Local Governments.

    • Set date to resume meetings; this is also the start of Phase II.

  • Receive approval from the CAP COVID-19 Planning Team to reinstate meetings. Plan for one-week lead time.

  • Publish the date that meetings may resume to subordinate units.

  • Task Wing Director of Safety to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units will review CAPFs 160, 160S, and 160HL to be sure COVID-19 risks are considered and mitigated.

    • Unit Safety Officers emphasize continued use of face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer as well as social distancing, hand washing surface cleaning/disinfection.

  • Task Wing Health Service Officer to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units will ensure no members or guests with a temperature of 100.4 or greater are admitted (a temperature at or above 100.4°F is the CDC recognized point where there is a fever). Units will require members to take their temperature at home or may screen with no-touch thermometers prior to entry. 

    • Educate members on their stratified level of risk (i.e. Low-risk vs. High-risk in accordance with CDC guidance on COVID).

    • Units perform all appropriate public health measures (e.g. social distancing, surface cleaning/disinfection, face coverings, hand sanitizer, at-home temperature check or no-touch temperature check prior to entry and routine symptom checks)   .

    • Gatherings of up to 10 people are permitted. Squadrons with more than 10 members must submit a plan to Wing HQ to demonstrate how they will comply with restrictions associated with this Phase of reopening.

  • Task Wing Director of Cadet Programs to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Units identify ways to meaningfully engage and fully participate in meetings without formations, drill, or other close-distance activities.

    • Units draft a local message to parents to inform them about what CAP is doing to keep Cadets safe while they participate.

  • Task Wing Director of Operations to communicate the following to subordinate units:

    • Identify flight operations permitted during Remobilization Phase 1 (e.g. flight evaluations/check rides, crew proficiency, dual instruction (assuming all members are low-risk and all flight operations are in low-risk areas)).

    • Identify requirements (Currency, etc) for senior members.

    • Identify requirements for cadets that have earned their Private Pilot’s License to return to flying.

    • Identify requirements for cadets training to earn their Private Pilot’s License.

    • Identify cleaning standards for aircraft and vehicles before and after use.

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