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Encampment Day 6

July 7, 2023

Encampment Day 6 Awards

Warrior Flight: Charlie Flight

Honor Flight: India Flight

Honor Cadet: Cadet Airman Malachi Sanon, GA112

Line Staff of the Day: Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Wynn McDonell, GA116

Support Staff of the Day: Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Corby McClure, GA152

Squadron of the Day: Squadron 2

Blackhawk helicopters arrive from the 106th Aviation Regiment of the Georgia Army National Guard.Today we focused on leadership and how the cadets showed leadership. We interviewed a few people and asked them what leadership means to them, what does servant leadership mean to them, and what is one of the lessons they learned at encampment.

“Leadership is taking care of people, taking care of others, inspiring them to one day do a better job than me. My expectation is that whoever takes this job next will do a better job than I did,” said Southeast Region Commander-elect Col. Jeffrey Garrett. “Whether my grade is an A or my grade is a C minus, my role is to make sure whoever comes in is going to do it better. A leader should never put their ego or their pride above taking care of their people.”

Leadership is a very important part of Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program, and it is one of the main things that we focus on. Our goal is to have the next person after us do a better job than we did. The Cadet Command Team interviews with Public Affairs at Civil Air Patrol's 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.

 “Servant leadership means being in the trenches with your cadets,” said Encampment First Sgt., Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jonathan Baines from Kennesaw.

Servant leadership is not about controlling people but serving them, according to CAP’s Cadet Encampment Handbook. This is very important because it enhances the growth of individuals and increases teamwork. It focuses on the team’s needs and makes the team stronger.

“Time management is really important because having to get people from place to place is definitely an important skill I learned at encampment,” said Baines.

Written by Cadet Chief Master. Sgt. Diana Warford

Cadets return from their Blackhawk flights with smiles as wide as the helicopter itself.


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