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Encampment Day 4

July 5, 2023

Encampment Day 4 Awards

Warrior Flight: Delta Flight

Honor Flight: Golf Flight

Honor Cadet: Cadet Airman 1st Class Christina Brosas, GA065

Line Staff of the Day: Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Blake Roach, GA507

Support Staff of the Day: Cadet Major Taylor Partain, GA090

Squadron of the Day: Squadron 2

Today, cadets traveled to Athens Ben Epps Airport to participate in Orientation Flights in the C-130 Hercules as a great break from the usual activities of the week. One of the four core values of Civil Air Patrol is “excellence,” and excellence is reflected in many of those involved in today’s flight.Civil Air Patrol cadets board a 165th Airlift Wing C-130 at the 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.

We asked adult members that rode in the planes and the pilots that flew them what excellence means to them, and why it is such an integral part of being a leader.

“Excellence means not just providing the standard, but going above and beyond to look for new and innovative ways to do business. In a world of limited budgets and limited time, it’s important that we hone our skills to be more efficient. Excellence plays a huge role in being a leader because we should think of ourselves not just as average, but should think of ourselves as being a cut above the rest. In the Air National Guard, our folks are primarily challenged with two different things. We’re primarily part time, so our folks are with their civilian jobs 75% of the time, and about 10-25% of the time with us. So with this limited amount of time that they spend with us, it's important for them to show excellence in doing the best with the time they are given.” Col. Sheldon Wilson, GAANG 165th Airlift Wing, Savannah

A Civil Air Patrol cadet explores the flight deck of a 165th Airlift Wing C-130 aircraft at the 2023 Georgia Wing Summer Encampment.“If you aren’t excellent, you're not going to do your job outstanding. It plays a part in everything we do, from the way you wear your uniform, to the way you think. You should exemplify excellence in everything you do because, like I said, looking at the thoughts and how you plan out how you’re going to do things effectively. From a Squadron Commander standpoint, I look at it as how we can have effective cadet activities in a way that's going to help everybody as much as possible while also giving a challenge so that they will actually grow and learn. While if something is too hard, they won't fail too hard. So I try to make sure that they have the best of both worlds.” Capt. Craig Boozer, Clarke County Composite Squadron

We also asked one of our cadets how the flight went, and this is what they had to say.

“I thought it was amazing! Going up and being able to see the sky, it was awesome!” said Cadet A Civil Air Patrol cadet photographs a C-130 Hercules from the 165th Airlift Wing at the 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.Airman Wyatt Hall from Gainesville. “I really liked the crew members. They were nice and let us go into the cockpit and look around. Some of the cadets were freaked out at first, but they got used to it. We got to feel the g-forces on that massive plane and that was really cool. It overall was just a great experience."

Written by Cadet Airman 1st Class Luke Adams

Day 4 Photo Gallery

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