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Encampment Day 3

July 4, 2023

Encampment Day 3 Awards

Warrior Flight: Golf Flight

Honor Flight: Delta Flight

Honor Cadet: Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Zechariah Blacquiere, GA153

Line Staff of the Day: Cadet Capt. Hana Tucker

Support Staff of the Day: Cadet Chief Master Sgt. William Wallace, GA116

Squadron of the Day: Squadron 1

This 4th of July, nearly 300 cadets celebrated Independence Day in a much more unique way than they ever have before. Instead of a day filled with barbecues and parades, students spent the holiday at the Georgia Wing Encampment surrounded by their new friends and fellow cadets. And if the weather holds, they’ll end the day with one of the most well-known symbols of Independence Day: fireworks!

Today, we asked cadets and senior members what the 4th of July means to them, what their favorite part of the 4th is, and how they feel about spending it at encampment.Cadets raise the American Flag at Civil Air Patrol's 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.

“My favorite part about the 4th is being able to spend time with my family because it honors those who have given it their all and given the ultimate sacrifice. My mom was not thrilled about me spending the 4th at encampment, but because I want to join the military, it gives me a chance to learn even just a little about what it means to sacrifice my time with my family for my country.” Cadet Airman 1st Class MacKenzie Nicholaou from Atlanta

“I’m always happy to spend the 4th of July wherever because I know it’s not about what you do, it’s about celebrating our freedom. My favorite part is obviously the fireworks!”
Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jackson Burbrink from Cumming
“I like the 4th of July. I like it better when I’m spending it with my family! Spending it here is a different experience and I’m happy I get to spend it in a different environment.” - Cadet Tech. Sgt. Tajanay Jackson from Savannah

The bugle is played at Civil Air Patrol's 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.“It’s going to be interesting celebrating the 4th of July here. I’ve never celebrated it without my family before but it will still be fun. It’s a really special holiday commemorating what those before us did to give us our freedom.” - Cadet Tech. Sgt. Phillipa Seeholzer from Cumming

“I wouldn’t be where I am, living where I’m living, if it wasn’t for the sacrifices made for our country. Spending the 4th here almost helps embrace it more because you’re surrounded by fellow cadets and people who are also very proud of their country.” - Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Blake Roach of Ellijay

“The 4th of July to me is the founding of this great nation, the great nation that we are all fortunate enough to live in and that many of us chose to serve and defend. It stands for pride, community, equality, and opportunity.” -  1st Lt. Anthony Langone from Cobb County

Written by Jennifer Peace, GA160/PA.

Cadet file into formation at Civil Air Patrol's 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment.

Day 3 Photo Gallery

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