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2023 Summer Encampment

2-8 July 2023
Riverside Military Academy
 Gainesville, GA

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Encampments are week-long activities that serve to build a foundation for the cadets from which to build their Civil Air Patrol (CAP) experience.  These week-long events provide in-depth orientation to Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force.  First-time cadets can expect to be mentally and physically challenged during a busy, exciting week of hands-on leadership development training and aerospace events.  Cadets returning as staff will be challenged even further through the leadership roles they will fill and the staff duties they will perform.  All cadets will have the opportunity to be introduced to the military, learn to overcome challenges, develop time-management skills, enhance their interpersonal skills, and have a great time.

Information is shown below to help members register, pay, and get the most frequently asked-for information.



To be eligible to attend the encampment as a first-time student, cadets must have completed the Curry Achievement and have been promoted to Cadet Airman (C/Amn) before encampment.



Registration for the 2023 Georgia Wing Encampment is closed.

No refunds will be made after 6/12/2023. Special cases for emergencies like a death in the family, hospitalization, military deployment, or service requirement changes will be considered on a case-by-case basis but may still not receive a full refund. 

Any member failing to provide fee payment by the deadline may forfeit their encampment slot. Extensions to the payment deadline may be granted by the encampment commander for extenuating circumstances. These requests must be sent directly to the encampment commander for approval.



All encampment participants will experience long, demanding, and very active days. Cadets can expect to be active about 16 hours a day. To be successful at encampment, prior preparation is critical. Arrive at encampment with the correct equipment, well rested, and hydrated. Proper hydration will help prevent many common encampment injuries and serve to keep you healthy during a demanding week. Cadets should study available encampment materials prior to encampment so that the information is fresh and does not result in cramming.



Transportation to and from the activity is not the responsibility of CAP.

Privately-Owned Vehicles

Cadets who drive to encampment must turn in their vehicle keys upon arrival.


Carpooling is encouraged, but the encampment staff is unable to assist in this coordination. It's recommended to ask within your squadron.



Address: 2001 Riverside Dr., Gainesville, GA 30501

Arrival and In-Processing will be 2 JUL 2023 between the hours of 1300 and 1500 (1-3 pm Eastern); do NOT wait until the last minute to arrive. Make sure you eat lunch BEFORE you arrive. The first meal served will be dinner; no snacks will be available (exception: medical emergencies).

Upon arrival to the drop-off location (see map below) of the John L. Beaver Field House, you will grab all of your belongings and say goodbye to the individual(s) that brought you. You will walk ALONE following all signs and encampment staff directing you to begin the check-in process. 

For security purposes, ONLY Encampment Staff (Cadet and Senior Member) and Students are allowed inside of the John L. Beaver Field House Building. No family members, friends, or CAP Members not participating in encampment will be allowed inside. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Arrival map for Civil Air Patrol's 2023 Georgia Wing Summer Encampment.


What to Expect?

Once you enter the John L. Beaver Field House, you will follow a line of tables clearly marked with arrows and directions. You will sign-in, receive your encampment t-shirt and other items, go through contraband check, and have the opportunity to speak to the Health Services Officer and the Chaplain if needed. Afterwards, you will be escorted to your barrack as a flight to begin unpacking. Finally, you will attend the Encampment Orientation class and the fun will begin!



Visitors are not allowed or authorized at encampment without written permission (may be via e-mail) directly from the Encampment Commander. The encampment takes place on a private military academy campus for the safety and security of all CAP personnel, unscheduled or uncoordinated visitation is prohibited. This restriction applies to family and friends of encampment participants, as well as CAP members not assigned to the encampment.



Address: 2001 Riverside Dr., Gainesville, GA 30501

As of Friday night, the graduation will now be held indoors. Please arrive between 0945 and 1020 hours on 8 JUL 2023. Graduation will begin promptly at 1030 hours. You will park in the Elkin or North parking lot (see map) and walk following the signs to the new indoor graduation area.

2023 Georgia Wing Encampment Graduation Map

Departure Instructions

The scheduled departure date is 8 JUL 2023 between the hours of 1130 and 1230. Immediately following the graduation ceremony, you will march as a flight to the John L. Beaver Field House. You will then begin the sign-out process. Graduation is set to end at 1130 but it could take up to one hour to out-process depending on if you have contraband to retrieve, etc. as you will be following one of multiple lines. You will then meet your family in the Elkin parking lot, which is directly in front of the John L. Beaver Field House. Encampment Staff will be there to escort you.

For security purposes, ONLY Encampment Staff (Cadet and Senior Member) and Students are allowed inside of the John L. Beaver Field House. No family members, friends, or CAP Members not participating in encampment will be allowed inside. NO EXCEPTIONS.



For general questions regarding encampment registration, payments, logistics, etc, please email encampment@gawg.cap.gov, be sure to include your contact information and CAPID. For general questions about encampment itself or information regarding the encampment requirement please speak to your squadron leadership. 

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