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2022 Summer Encampment

Due to the unprecedented turnout with encampment applications, registration for encampment is now closed. We are no longer taking new applications. If you would like to be put on a wait list, please fill out the first page of the google form located. There is no guarantee you will be offered a slot if you are on the wait list. If we do have any openings, the slots will be filled on a first come/first served basis from the wait list.

When, Where, and How Much?

Georgia Wing is pleased to announce our 2022 Summer Encampment at the Air Dominance Center in Garden City (Savannah), Georgia!

The encampment will be held 2-8 July 2022, and the cost to all cadets (students and staff) will be $180.

We are currently working on arranging a variety of activities that will excite and amaze our teens. Trying to arrange flights on military transport planes for example. Trying to build opportunities and memories that last a lifetime.

What about the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP)?

The CEAP application window is still open. See Link to the right for information. It will close on 1 June 2022. Please keep your CEAP confirmation.

How do I register and pay?

To register, download the appropriate application (Cadet or Adult) PDF registration packet from the Documents Section on this page. Fill out each form completely, including all required signatures (cadet, parent, squadron commander or designee – Wing/Group Commander signatures not required). Click the provided link for payment. If you have received CEAP, you do not need to pay. After you have completed all your forms and paid, click the Google link to register. Fill out the Google Form and upload all required documents. You will receive an email when your forms have been submitted. Once your forms have been reviewed by the Encampment Staff you will receive an acceptance email.

** At this time, we are not accepting any further payments. ** 


Google Link for final registration and packet upload

**Please note – the application packet is one file, but the forms will need to be uploaded individually. The uploaded files must be in PDF format. All registration will close on 1 June 2022

Please direct any questions to

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