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2022 Summer Encampment

The 2022 Georgia Wing Summer Encampment began Saturday, 2 July. Staff arrived the night before and students began arriving at 9am Eastern.

This webpage will be updated daily around dinnertime with exciting information about each days' activities. Photos will be continually uploaded to the CAP Photo Gallery.

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Sunday Recap NEW

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and that’s what day two of Encampment is all about. The first full day of training tends to be a long one for students and staff alike, and teamwork can make or break a flight. An early morning started with physical fitness training in front of a beautiful sunrise. Once everyone had worked up an appetite, they headed to the dining facility for a hearty breakfast before preparing their barracks for inspection.

After inspection and opening formation, cadets joined the rest of their squadrons for some team leadership activities. These fun but difficult challenges require students to work together to accomplish a common mission or solve a common problem, such as navigating a minefield simulated by water bottles and other handy obstacles on the ground. Not only does this demonstrate and build leadership qualities, but it builds team spirit within a squadron or flight. “Helping your wingman and the rest of your flight to accomplish the goal has helped me to become a better leader,” said C/TSgt. Qirui Tai, a student from Peachtree City-Falcon Field Composite Squadron.

Later, students attended lectures on various leadership and STEM topics. During his lecture titled “Teamwork for Performance,” C/Col Neal told students that, “teamwork is the reason I keep coming back to encampment.” He explained that much of the value of encampment comes from a change in mindset, adding that cadets built trust and loyalty at the activity that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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This webpage will be update every evening, around dinnertime, with the story of what our cadets accomplished that day.

Photos are being published as they become available to the CAP Photo Gallery.

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*Note: Due to Encampment taking place on a military installation, photos must be reviewed before being published. If photos have not been published yet, please check back later in the day.


Daily Update Archive

Nothing unifies Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets like a shared encampment experience. The Air Dominance Center in Savannah, Georgia welcomed 121 cadet students for the 2022 Georgia Wing Summer Encampment this morning. Whether a cadet is from California, or Georgia, encampment gives them common ground. Cadets from many different squadrons and wings were welcomed by senior staff along their way to in-processing.

As students carried their suitcases, trunks, and bags, cadet staff instructed them through the check-in process, and out into the beating sun to their barracks. They were challenged to move quickly and efficiently to arrange their beds and lockers exactly as the flight staff instructed.

As they formed up with the rest of their flight and began practicing drill, students transitioned from an individual awareness to a team mindset. This idea will be reinforced throughout the week, as students learn to rely on each other for help and support and learn to look out for their wingmen. Encampment is one of the best tools to show cadets CAP as a whole organization outside of their home squadrons. Cadets pursue excellence and are equipped to practice better leadership back home.

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