(SER-GA-001) Georgia Wing Headquarters
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Wing Command

Col Michael L Willis

Wing Commander

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: michael.willis@gawg.cap.gov

Lt Col Michael A Crowe

Chief of Staff

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: michael.crowe@gawg.cap.gov

Maj Adam J Davidson

Assistant Chief of Staff

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: adam.davidson@gawg.cap.gov

Lt Col Robert E Powers

Vice Commander – Leading Groups 1, 2, and 5

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: robert.powers@gawg.cap.gov

Lt Col Fred Broome

Vice Commander – Leading Groups 3, 4, and 6

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: fredrick.broome@gawg.cap.gov

MSgt Michael Sanchez

Command NCO

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: michael.sanchez@gawg.cap.gov

Mrs. Gina Cone

Wing Administrator

Wing: (770) 428-9031
Email: gcone@capnhq.gov

Georgia Wing Mailing Address:

Georgia Wing Headquarters
Civil Air Patrol
800-A Dobbins Patrol Road
Hangar 5, Room 2110
Dobbins ARB, GA 30069-4210
eFax: (770) 989-1040

The Georgia Wing Command Staff meets as needed at Wing headquarters.

CAP members are encouraged to work within their chain of command which begins with their squadron and group commanders. However, the Georgia Wing Commander and Vice Commanders provide a free “open door” policy for any and all members of the Georgia Wing.

Full contact information, including email addresses, for the Command Group, Wing Staff and departments are available on the website.

Appointments may be scheduled through the Wing Administrator, Gina Cone, at (770) 428-9031 or via email: gcone@capnhq.gov .

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